The Moon in Vedic Astrology is representative of the mind or the ‘manomaya kosha‘, one of the five sheaths or layers of Being. The full moon that occured on November 30th this year held much spiritual significance, and the time around this full moon is an opportunity to draw from the Ananda or ‘unconditional bliss’ sheath that resides at the core of our being. 

In Vedic culture, this particular full moon is referred to as ‘Kartika Purnima‘, and it is said that celestial beings, the Devas, descend on to Earth to bathe in the sacred river Ganga on this day. Devotees light earthen lamps, and it is a celebration of the light of nourishment and well-being. As we perform the ritual of lighting the flame, we connect with the fire of purification within – one that bestows health and a state of wellness, and can, through this physical life experience, lead us to the realms of the subtle. 

During this time of year, as devotion, gratitude, grace and sacred connection are celebrated universally through the medium of festivity and ritual, it is an opportune time to honour the simple joys of connection – both outer and inner. In a drastically altered world where travel is restricted, the practices to find connection wherever we are become even more precious.  
Sharing with you a poem I penned soon after one of my meditative sessions beside the River Ganga:

Set Free

A moment in prayer was made beautiful
by a glimpse
of your blessed
The floodgates of my heart
burst open,
no more shackled by
nor withered by judgement.
I felt love abound
for myself.
My spirit soared
even as tears fell.
With each drop,
I was raised to wondrous heights.
In bowing to you
I knew that
at long last,
I had set myself

  ~ Sai Ganesh Nagpal

The Moon is honored as the Goddess, and the full moon can be a special time to reconnect with the rhythms of Prakruti – Nature, in her outer manifestations and the inner form as well.

May you and your loved ones be blessed with good health and well-being, and a renewal of your bond with Mother Nature.

With Love and Peace,

Sai Ganesh Nagpal

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