Sai’s  ‘Mantra and Kirtan Workshops‘ bring alive the ancient wisdom of devotional chants and mantras  – giving participants from around the world a unique opportunity to learn and sing enriching melodies, kirtans and sacred verses from the Vedic tradition.

In these workshops, participants are introduced to “bhajans” and “kirtans” or devotional songs that invoke the energy and healing presence of various deities from within the Vedic tradition. The art of devotional singing is a soothing and enriching practice that opens the singer’s awareness to love and peace within the heart.

Each workshop is crafted as a soulful journey, interweaving Mantra, Meditation and Nada Yoga – the Yoga of Sound, to enrich the participant’s knowledge and experience of this invigorating as well as deeply sublime practice.

The melodious exchange that takes place during the sessions is profound. Each participant contributes to the group energy through their voice and mental intention. The ability of this genre of music to heal and rejuvenate the body and mind is also widely known. Participants often come away from the workshop feeling peaceful, serene and more connected to themselves.

Each session is enriched by Sai’s melodious renditions of Sanskrit chants and ‘shlokas’. The aim of the performing artists is single fold to bring the glory of Bhakti Ras into the hearts and minds of the audience, through melody, ‘taal’ and ‘bhaav’.

 “Sai, it’s always incredible to re-enter the studio the following day, and experience the peace that permeates the space! Thank you!”
~ Robin Lockard Buck
Jane’s House of Well-Being, St. Charles

“Thank you so much, Sai Ganesh Nagpal, for a magical day of chanting, mantras and kirtan (devotional singing). Truly inspirational! Hope to see you again next year. And thank you to everyone who joined us! Wonderful to see you all and share such beautiful energy. What a joyful day!”
~ Sondra Shaye
Life Changing Healing Center, New York.

“Dear Sai Ganesh, it was a great pleasure to have you here and to participate in your workshops in Europe. Once again this year, you touched the hearts and souls of the participants. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!!!”




Thank you, Sai,for bringing your light and love to Jane’s House of Well-being! You touch our hearts deeply each and every time! 

Jane's House of Well-Being, St. Charles

Workshops are held both online and in-person. If you would like to participate in a workshop, please send us a message using the form below. We will be in touch with you. Hari Om!

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