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Lessons with Sai Ganesh Nagpal

Develop your singing voice under the guidance of an accomplished musician and a compassionate educator, perform songs and musical pieces with confidence and skill, receive the advantage of learning in a patient and flexible environment from the comfort of your home. These are some reasons why Sai Ganesh Nagpal’s music lessons may be of particular interest to you!

Sai’s lessons offer you a foundation in Hindustani Classical Music. He teaches this time-honored style of Indian Classical Music in a simple and easy-to-grasp manner, with plenty of practice opportunities and a large repertoire of Songs, Bhajans, Kirtans and Practice Exercises. The program appeals to a diverse audience, and is open to inidviduals from all over the world. 

On offer are the following courses:

Vocal Music Lessons– develop your singing voice by learning the foundational elements of Indian Classical Music.

Harmonium Lessons – learn how to play and sing along with this beautiful instrument. Of special interest to Kirtan lovers!

Vedic Chanting and Recitation – learn the ancient art of chanting and recitation, including Sanskrit chants for harmony and well-being.


Sai skilfully welcomed me into the world of training my voice as an instrument of authentic expression, devotion, and beauty. His lessons are a delicate balance of professional and playful, with a strong foundation in his reverence to the lineage of Vedic Sciences. With his care and skill, I have experienced a whole new dimension in my well-being. Singing has not only strengthened my voice and lungs, it has refined my hearing to listen more clearly, and given me access to a deeper connection in my devotional and spiritual practice. 

Reena Nagrani


“Thank you, Sai! My daughter’s recording of the raga sounded so good. We loved it. We hope she continues to develop her skills with more and more practice. Thank you once again.”



“Thank you, Sai, for the gift of Music! I really enjoy learning and expressing music
through this program.”



Vocal Music

Vocal Music

A foundational course in Vocal music based on the Hindustani classical music style. Develop an understanding of Raaga theory and practice, and perform songs and bhajans based on Raagas. Develop your singing voice through a well-rounded exposure to the techniques, melodies and rhythms of Indian Classical Music.

Harmonium Lessons

Harmonium Lessons

Learn how to play this unique and beautiful instrument, through a systematically designed curriculum and approach. Sing along as you play, and develop the confidence to accompany Kirtan singing as well!

You will need to have a harmonium in good working condition.

Sanskrit Chanting

Sanskrit Chanting

Learn Shlokas, Stotrams and Vedic Recitations through an instruction in authentic pronounciation, intonation, melody and interpretation of the verses and texts. Learn the stories and symbolisms associated with these powerful chants. Bring this sublime practice to your meditation or Yoga sessions, and experience the inner enrichment that comes from working regularly with this knowledge as a spiritual practice.

“Sai, the Raga rendition by my daughter was exceptional. Thank you for instilling the quality of Bhakti in to her singing.” ~ Devi, New Delhi

What You Receive


  • Lessons once a week, 60 minutes in duration, one-on-one. All classes are one student per class.
  • Handouts of musical notes and lyrics in PDF format, provided to you ahead of time.
  • Focused instruction and practice in voice exercises, Raagas, songs and techniques.
  • Musical theory and concepts brought to you in simplified language without compromising on the authenticity of this profound knowledge.
  • A varied selection of classical Geet, Songs, Bhajans, and Chants.
  • Record your music and recieve detailed feedback from the Instructor.
  • Experience a hassle-free administration by interacting directly with Sai for your scheduling and organization of classes.
  • An understanding and patient environment, where learning is not measured purely by the clock. Flexbility and a personalised approach are hallmarks of this program.
  • A certification after successful completion of defined modules.


These courses will give you an opportunity to learn Bhakti Sangeet and bhajans (devotional songs) on Krishna, Saraswati, Rama, Ganesha, Shiva and many other sacred forms from within the Vedic tradition.

Of particular interest to many of our students or even the parents of our child students is the devotional quality that these courses emphasize. Students are introduced to sacred Sanskrit chants for peace and harmony in all of the courses. Our goal is not only to develop vocal skill but also to sing with Bhaava, with great feeling and awareness. For students of the program, this is also an opportunity to be introduced to the ancient stories and life lessons associated with the Vedic literature that finds expression in many of the Kirtans and Musical pieces.

Each program includes time for singing practice, as well as musical theory.

Although voice work is our primary focus, we also spend some time on training the ear through music appreciation – examining musical pieces from different parts of India and the world. This is towards developing the musician’s understanding and familiarity with different types of musical sounds and styles.

All of the musical elements are taught along with contexts and meaningful translations.

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