The Serene Swan

Mystical Arts

The Serene Swan was founded by Sai Ganesh Nagpal as a diverse offering of musical, educational and wellness practices.

Sai Ganesh is an accomplished Musician and Educator, recognized for his soulful contributions to the world of spiritual music. His original musical compositions, Kirtans, Bhajans and Vedic recitations bring alive the sublime from India’s musical and Yogic traditions. His musical experiences are offered as albums, film productions, devotional music performances and online learning programs. 

Sai shares a compassionate counselling practice based on Vedic Astrology that people across the world have benefitted from.

His years of dedicated study of Vedic philosophy, Yoga and Sanskrit find expression in his guidance. 

All of Sai’s offerings have a common theme – that of empowerment, healing and peace for the individual and society.

Come join Sai on a journey of rediscovering the peaceful silence and great power that shines within the Self. Come listen in

“Sai Ganesh Nagpal’s voice sweeps us away into another realm of feeling and emotional engagement.”

One Film Fan (Dallas South Asian Film Festival Review)

Musical Recitals 

Performance of kirtan, bhajan, mantra chants and meditative music. Offering Bhajan Sandhya sessions, Kirtan celebrations, musical satsangs and musical workshops.

Learn Music, Sanskrit and Chanting

Courses in Vocal Music, instrumental music and the Sanskrit language. Develop your musical voice.
Learn a variety of shlokas, suktams and chants from the Vedic literature.

Musical Productions

Award-winning music for
‘Vande Mataram – A Dance Tribute’

Concept and Music: 
‘Ganga – River Eternal’

Astrological Counselling

Gentle and profound counselling sessions based on the wisdom of Vedic Astrology.

“Upon the musical canvas of Raag Desh, Sai Ganesh Nagpal has created an epiphany, a journey that flows, reverentially,  like an ancient river.”

The Times of India

Reviewing 'Vande Maataram', a fresh rendition by Sai Ganesh


Our collaborative artistic productions along with Studio Swapna blend together profound layers of visual art, music, dance and poetry. Our work is an endeavour to bring alive the knowledge and beauty of an ancient and mystical tradition.

Get in touch with us if you would like to contribute to and/or participate in our projects and community outreach!

Listen in to some of Sai Ganesh Nagpal’s meditative renditions of Sacred Sanskrit Chants
for peace & well-being.
Click each image to play the video.

Atma Shatakam

Six verses of enlightenment, also known as the Nirvana Shatakam. A treatise in Vedantic philosophy, and a profound reminder of the Divine light that shines as the Self.

Ganapati Prarthana

A Vedic Invocation to Sri Ganesha, deity of auspiciousness and new beginnings. Begin your day by listening to this chant as a form of meditation!

Durga Suktam

A Vedic Invocation to Goddess Durga, from the Maha Narayana Upanishad. These verses hold within them the immense power of Shakti – the Divine Feminine.

Medha Suktam

A Vedic Invocation to Goddess Saraswati, goddess of learning and wisdom. She brings the wisdom of the sacred arts, brightens the intellect, & blesses the pursuit of knowledge.


Eight Sanskrit Verses invoking the power and glory of the Shiva Lingam – Lord Shiva’s most sacred symbol. The Shiva Lingam represents, carries and holds the Great Truth of Shiva.

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Recited 108 times as an invocation to Mahadeva as the bestower of enlightenment & the nectar of immortal truth. 

Bhakti Sangeet (Devotional Music)

The ancient practice of Kirtan and Bhajan singing is the melodious rendition and repetition of the divine name in song form. In the Vedic tradition, there are different Devis and Devatas that represent powerful life energies and they are invoked through joyous chanting! Whatever be the occassion, an immersion in melodious Kirtan singing brings alive the qualities of the divine within the devotee’s awareness. The experience of serenity, peace and inner strength are natural outcomes.
To organise a Kirtan session by Sai in your area, please write to us at

Dear Visitor and Seeker,

All of the music on offer here is produced by Sai Ganesh Nagpal at The Serene Swan studio, an independent artistic and wellness initiative in India.

The album art work on this Web site is created by Visual Artist and Filmmaker Swapna Maini whose powerful visual themes beautifully compliment the music.

We are immersed in the sharing and creation of art that has themes of Vedic knowledge, Nature conservation and Societal upliftment. When you support our art, you support the various social initiatives that we are engaged in as full time artists.

We are grateful that you stopped by here, and hope you will take back with you some moments of happiness!

We would love to hear from you…

Sharing the Joy of Bhakti…

Sai’s musical performances of soul-stirring Kirtan and Bhakti Sangeet from India’s rich musical tradition have travelled across the world and touched many hearts. Through our Web site, you can download albums of Kirtan, Mantra recitations, Yoga music and Meditations for inner peace. 

Sai Ganesh Nagpal has performed in the presence of some of India’s most revered Gurus and Teachers of  Yogic Wisdom, including Sri Sathya Sai Baba ji, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi ji, Swami Tejomayananda ji, Swami Chidananda Saraswati ji. It is a blessing and honour to be able to offer these musical experiences as a way to deepen the experience of Ananda or Bliss Consciousness. With gratitude to all of the Teachers & Gurus who hold and nourish the traditions of Yogic wisdom for generations ahead to draw from!