Grateful to our hosts, audiences & clients for sharing their experiences with us…

“Thank you, Sai Ganesh, for the beautiful meditative music! The entire experience touches the heart.”

Participant at a Sacred Chanting session in Europe

Sai Ganesh! Thanks for the wonderful rendition. It is one of the best of the Lingashtakam that we have heard. Very inspired. Namah Shivaya!

—Dr. David Frawley, Padma Bhushan Award recipient, acclaimed Vedacharya and scholar.

In his CD Bhagavad Gita Chants, Sai Ganesh Nagpal has created a sublime Bhagavad Gita recitation. His Sanskrit pronunciation is at a level of perfection achieved only by Sanskrit pandits, and the quality of his enlightened voice conveys the true message of harmony, peace and the highest ideals of Sanskrit literature. The combination of perfectly pronounced Sanskrit with pure, melodious chanting enlivens the heart and soul, allowing the listener to reach a deep meditative state.

—Thomas Egenes, PhD, co-author of The Upanishads: A New Translation.

The melodious chanting of the Gayatri Mantra by Sai Ganesh Nagpal and his sister Saraswati Nagpal transported me to a heavenly state. Their interweaving voices, so pure, so serene, makes me want to return to this music again and again.

—Linda Egenes, co-author of The Ramayana: A New Retelling of Valmiki’s Ancient Epic.

I grew up in a Hindu household where devotional practices were part of daily life. To my good fortune, these traditional rituals were a true experience of joy and connecting with my cultural heritage, rather than simply complying with the authority of my elders. What began as doing my duty as a child gave way to sincere curiosity as I grew into adulthood. Before I knew it, a desire was planted in my heart to one day train my voice in Classical Hindustani music – the only thing missing was the right teacher.

When I heard The Serene Swan’s rendition of the Gayatri Mantra, sung by Sai Ganesh and his sister Saraswati, I experienced a profound connection to my own heart and the depth of devotion that lies in it. I reached out to Sai Ganesh to inquire about lessons, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Sai skilfully welcomed me into the world of training my voice as an instrument of authentic expression, devotion, and beauty. His lessons are a delicate balance of professional and playful, with a strong foundation in his reverence to the lineage of Vedic Sciences. With his care and skill, I have experienced a whole new dimension in my well-being. Singing has not only strengthened my voice and lungs, it has refined my hearing to listen more clearly, and given me access to a deeper connection in my devotional and spiritual practice. Voice lessons have paved the way for also studying Sanskrit with Sai Ganesh, and most recently, a counseling session based in Vedic Astrology.

Sai Ganesh is a gifted musician, an excellent educator, a compassionate counselor, and a remarkable human being. The true value of his offerings goes far beyond his gifts and skills – it is his generous presence, which is priceless.

Reena Nagrani


“Our hearts are full… beyond words to describe the experience of what you offer to our souls, thank you Sai Ganesh!”

Robin Lockard Buck

Director, Jane's House of Well-being, MO, USA

Nagpal’s voice gives life to the poem’s ancient Sanskrit texts, sweeping us away into another realm of feeling, emotional engagement, and pure entertainment.

Kirk Fernwood

@One Film Fan (DSAFF Short Film Review), Dallas Fort Worth USA

What a brilliant evening of devotional music it was. Simply amazing. Thank you, dear Sai Ganesh!

Dr. Asha Rijhsinghani

Albany, N.Y


I have had the fortune to listen to Sai’s heavenly voice during my daughter’s kathak performance last month. He was the guest of honour and his inaugural musical invocation transformed us to a beautiful place. His simplicity and voice is unparalleled!

Shikha Mehta

Gurgaon, India


I have been on a Spiritual Journey for much of my life and this past couple of years has been a time of learning. I was looking for a guide to help me understand why I was feeling stuck and where I should be focusing my energies; especially as I am now in my mid 50’s and so much is changing. I was introduced to Sai Ganesh Nagpal through the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos, New Mexico, during a workshop on the Ramayana.

Something about Sai Ganesh’s energy, presence, and gentle spirit had a powerful impact on me. This was the kind of guide I was searching for. Someone deeply respectful, authentic and knowledgeable. I scheduled my Vedic Astrology Reading hoping to find clarity and I found that and so much more! The session was very in-depth, the information was easy to understand, and it was relevant to the growth I am trying to achieve. I took over 6 pages of notes! (which is quite unnecessary as the recording provided is of excellent quality and I can re-watch it anytime.)

Sai Ganesh offers more than a reading. I was taught a very easy and helpful breathing practice and a chant to focus on as well alternative perspectives on some things I was struggling with. I now have a better awareness of how things like art, work/career, spirituality and relationships are impacted by what is happening in the cosmos and how I can work WITH this to honor the gift of life that I was given. It is difficult to put into words, as many blessings are!
Five Stars!!
Melinda Williams


I had the privilege of sitting in on one of Sai Ganesh’s chanting classes. Being of East-Indian descent, I had probably heard the Hanuman Chalisa about a million times already. But when Sai sang it, I was beside myself. It was truly a heart opening moment, and I became somewhat emotional, my eyes began to water and my nose began to run. I was somewhat embarrassed, and tissue less, and I pray that that no one else in class saw me wipe my nose on my sleeve. That was several years ago, and I still find myself shifting into higher states of consciousness when I listen to his CD’s. Sai, you truly are a gift to this world!



We are still in Bliss from your program💖🙏
Blessed, fortunate & grateful to you, dear Sai Ganesh.

Words fail to express our love for you!

~ Saira H., Team Hrudaya Spandana,
(Guru Purnima musical celebrations 2021)




“Sai Ganesh, that was an excellent rendition of Bhajans. We enjoyed your own compositions as well. Congratulations and thank you!”
~ Senior Retd. Government officers, Government of India.

“Thank you so much Sai Ganeshji for this soulful bhajan/satsang. We were blessed!” 

“Such a beautiful Satsang! Thank you, Sai Ganesh!”

~ Participants at a devotional music session




“Sri Sai Ganesh Nagpal set the tone and contributed to the ambience by invoking the presence of the Lord through his melodious bhajans. Following which Swami Nikhilananda Saraswati performed the Puja of Sri Vishnu, to the chant of the mantras of the Vishnu Sahasranama.”
~ Ram Navmi celebration at Chinmaya Mission, New Delhi in Pujya Swami ji’s presence.


Sai Ganesh Nagpal_Bhajan

Divider-Line “Thank you for a great music performance!” 

~ Members, India Association St Louis.