Samarpan, An Offering of Love (Music Album)

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Samarpan is an album of 12 Spiritual Songs or Bhajans that tastefully combine enchanting melodies, vibrant rhythms, and heartfelt prayer. Each song is like a dance of devotion, an offering to the divine… straight from the devotee’s heart! Listen to songs on Ganesha – remover of obstacles, Devi- Great Goddess, Krishna – beloved of Radha; songs on many more Great Ones of  different faiths and spiritual paths. You can just sit back and listen to the songs or even sing along with the chorus if you like! Let the nectar of divine remembrance bring you joy, everlasting joy!

Sung by Sai Ganesh Nagpal and Saraswati Nagpal, accompanied by an ensemble of instrumentalists. This digital music album is fully downloadable upon purchase.

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08 Hari Naam Gaate Chalo
Hari Naam Gaathe Chalo (Sing the name of the divine… let its sweetness bless your soul!)

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The Samarpan album offers a great collection of Bhajans, including:

  1. Om (The Primordial Sound)
  2. Ganesha Sharanam (We Sing to Ganesha, Giver of Strength)
  3. Eeshwaraamba Priya Tanaya (Incarnation of Love)
  4. Radhe Govinda Krishna Murari (We sing about Radha, about Krishna, in joy!)
  5. Bholanath Hare Jagadisha (Shiva, Cosmic Spirit)
  6. Govinda Radhe (Krishna, Glorious One)
  7. Sri Rama Charanam (Thy Lotus Feet)
  8. Hari Naam Gate Chalo (Sing the Name of the Divine, Sing of Joy)
  9. Vahe Guru (The Guru is my Light)
  10. Allah Tuma Ho (We Call You By Many Names, You are One)
  11. Mata Rani Teri Jay Jaykar (Amba, Supreme Goddess)
  12. Rama Bhakta Hanuman (Hanuman, Deity of Strength)

1 review for Samarpan, An Offering of Love (Music Album)

  1. David Ruben, Brazil (verified owner)

    These songs are like balm to my soul. When I listen, I feel like I’m opening my mind and heart to peace and a deep gratitude for the blessings in my life. Thank you for this precious offering.

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