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The Serene Swan Arts enables musical and artistic development through refined, aesthetic offerings. Our aims are artistic growth for all, self-empowerment for the individual, and healing of societies and communities through the mediums of music, dance and ancient wisdom.

Among our creations are award-winning musical films with themes of Vedic wisdom. Our musical performances of soul-stirring Kirtan and Bhakti Sangeet from India’s rich musical tradition have travelled across the world and touched many hearts. Through our Web site, you can download albums of Kirtan, Mantra recitations, Yoga music and Meditations for inner peace. Our music features the voices of artistes Sai Ganesh Nagpal and Saraswati Nagpal.

As you listen and participate, let vibrant rhythms make your spirits soar; feel ancient Sanskrit verses work their magic on you; allow the noises of the mundane to fall away as you surround yourself with an aura of serenity.

Go a step further, and nurture and develop your own unique voice! We offer you a comprehensive Music Education program with online and in-person vocal lessons, as well as the opportunity to participate in sacred music workshops at different locations.

Here at ‘The Serene Swan’, you have the opportunity to open to wisdom from the stars and planets through an enriching Vedic Astrology consultation with Sai. Visit our Astro-Counselling page to know more.

Thank you for being here. We hope you take back with you a profound transformational energy that is available through the experiences on offer here at The Serene Swan!


The Serene Swan Team       

Special Mention & Sharing by Dr. David Frawley

Honoured that our musical film was shared across social media by Dr. David Frawley – Padma Bhushan recipient, Vedic Teacher and Author. Dr. Frawley is a leading light in the world of Vedic Astrology, Vedanta, Ayurveda and Yoga.

Special Mention & Sharing by Shri Deepak Chopra

Honoured that our musical film was shared across social media by the internationally-renowned Shri Deepak Chopra ji – a pioneer in the field of Ayurveda and alternative medicine.

Bhajan Sandhya at the Seattle Temple

Bhajan Sandhya by Sai Ganesh Nagpal at the LakshmiVenkateshwara Temple in Seattle, USA.

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Bhajan Sandhya Event in St. Louis USA

Bhajan Sandhya performance by Sai Ganesh Nagpal at the Mahatma Gandhi Cultural Center in St. Louis, MO.

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Times Review on India's Republic Day!

On India’s Republic Day, we received a great review from the Times of India!
“Fighting Pollution with Ganga’s Beauty”

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Review by One Film Fan

From the desk of the DFW SAFF 2019 comes this eloquent review of our film “Vande Mataram – A Dance Tribute”.

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Times of India Review

From the Art and Culture desk of the Times of India, we receive a wonderful review!
“How a Film Takes Vande Mataram Back to its Roots”

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Ram Navmi Celebrations and Bhajan Offering

An account of Ram Navmi celebrations at the Chinmaya Mission, where Sai Ganesh Nagpal performed devotional music in Pujya Swamiji’s presence.

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Kirtan Event in St. Charles

Kirtan Event in St. Charles at the wonderful ‘Jane’s House of Well-being’

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Musical Workshop in Gurgaon

A weekend workshop at Ragaaz Music that introduces participants to the practice of Bhajan singing, Mantra recitations and the beauty of Sanskrit.

Click here for details

Sai Ganesh Nagpal is an award-winning Musician, Educator and Counsellor. His musical sessions offer participants a profound and serene opportunity for inner alignment and healing through sacred sound. He leads groups from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in the practice of devotional music, Bhakti Sangeet and naama smarana  – ‘musical remembrance of the divine name’.

Sai Ganesh has been instrumental in bringing the devotional charm of traditional Bhajan and Kirtan to households around the world through his traveling musical performances and recordings. He has recorded mantra chants, meditations and self-development programs that are followed by listeners around the world. During his performances and through the medium of his recordings, he often shares eloquent English translations and interpretations of Sanskrit verses from a variety of ancient texts.

As a compassionate Counsellor, Sai Ganesh offers consultations in Vedic Astrology as a way for self-empowerment. After attending a session with Sai, be it for Music, Sanskrit or Astro-Counselling – the experience that a person is left  with is one of inner peace, serenity and calm.

Saraswati Nagpal is a writer, educator and performing artist. A classically trained vocalist, she lends the female solo voice in many of The Serene Swan’s musical productions. Through her various languages of creative expression: words, dance and music, Saraswati reaches for the experience of beauty.

Saraswati has taught dance and movement to children and adults around the world, and staged productions with her former dance company ‘Circle of Light’ in Delhi. Her passion for dance has led her through the grounding in Indian classical styles of Kathak and Bharatanatyam to adventures with ManipuriOdissi, contemporary dance and belly dancing. She has explored a variety of dance forms along her artistic journey. Her choreography often has strong elements of the rhythmic elegance of Kathak as well as the earthy grace and form of Odissi.

“Sai Ganesh, your Bhajan performance was like being part of a meditation. It was so peaceful, so divine. Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful voice & stories & knowledge with us. My heart still feels like it’s just bursting wide open.”


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