OM Chanting

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A meditative sound track of the sacred mantra ‘Om’ chanted 108 times by
Sai Ganesh Nagpal.

The mantra ‘Om’ is known as the Primordial Sound – the sound of the Cosmic Being, ‘Ishvara’, all-pervasive Consciousness. This powerful sound brings into the manifest world, the vibration of the unmanifest – Brahman. The collective sound of Om is made from three sounds in Sanskrit: “A”, “U” and “M”. Listening to or chanting the OM mantra is considered to be one of the most sacred practices of Yoga. Om is a mantra of harmony, of spiritual awakening, of higher wisdom and of mental peace and well-being.

Our album of Om Chanting is a serene and powerful rendition of the mantra Om – chanted 108 times. As you listen, allow the sound to permeate your awareness; let the sound lead you into meditation. You can also play the Om chanting within your living space – this infuses the space with sacred vibratory patterns, bringing harmony and alignment to those who reside in the space.

This digital audio is fully downloadable upon purchase.

Album Artwork Credit: © Swapna Maini

You can listen to a sample selection from the audio in the Description section below.

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“Ishvara, the Cosmic Being, is the Atma as seen or grasped by the mind. Ishvara’s highest name is Om; so repeat it, meditate upon it, and bring to your experience all of its wonderful nature and attributes. Repeating Om continually is true worship. It is not just a word, it IS the Supreme Being.” ~ Swami Vivekananda

Click the video link to listen to a sample selection from the OM Chanting Audio.

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  1. Teresa Benoit

    I’ve listened to many versions of the classic chant. It is a healing sound that vibrates through your mind, body and soul. Sai Ganesh Nagpal voice is authentic, beautiful and healing. I’m so happy I found this pure soul through Facebook. Blessings to all, Teresa ♥

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