Dear Soul,

The Full Moon in ‘Shraavana’ that occurs on August 3rd this year (2020) is a day of festivity, worship and the honouring of many bonds of relationship in this life. The word ‘Shraavana’ comes from the Sanskrit ‘Shru’, which means to ‘listen’. The ability to hear that which is subtle, which lies beneath the surface noise and chatter, comes from being truly receptive to the ‘other’.

The sound of Krishna’s flute, the ringing of a bell, the hum of AUM, all of these are spoken of as sounds that are heard in silence. An openness to the deeper layers of knowledge, the refinement of expression as eloquence, listening for what is not always obvious – all of these abilities can be cultivated during this time.

As ‘Raksha Bandhan‘, this day also honours the blessed bond of relationship between sister and brother. Any kind of relationship requires the ‘ears’ to be open – for one to be perceptive and empathetic to what another is trying to say. This is one of the many gifts of Shraavana.

With love and peace,

Sai Ganesh Nagpal

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