Each year, the planets (grahas) reveal an insightful map of unfolding individual & collective karma that leads us to new phases of creation, sustenance & dissolution.
All creation begins with the promise of potential, reaches a peak at some point in its timeline, before it declines and eventually dissolves. A deeper acceptance of this inevitable cyclical nature of the moving world brings a greater ability to ‘flow’ through life rather than resist the changes that must come.
In 2024, Rahu continues its foray in to the sign of Pisces, bringing our deeper belief systems in to question. We must use ‘Viveka’ or ‘discernment’ to sift the ‘real’ from the ‘superficial’. What values do we choose to hold on to? What perspectives don’t really serve us anymore?
Ketu in Virgo brings focus to Mercurian qualities, allowing significant shifts in financial situations, and cautioning against taking life decisions that are driven by fear and anxiety.
Saturn moves direct in its own sign of Aquarius, making it one of the most powerful influences in the coming year. Saturn’s themes of equality, justice and consequences for actions will bring shifts in larger world alliances. On a personal level, this transit brings a realistic view of the world, and the ability to work for a noble cause. We also find opportunities to perform actions that further a relationship or family-oriented goal, with a new kind of dedication.
Jupiter begins to move direct in Aries, bringing a surprise event during the early part of the year, and calling for a new growth and initiation cycle. In April/May 2024, Jupiter transits to the earthy sign of Taurus, bringing focus to material growth on many levels.
Each Astrological Chart is a profound ‘Yantra’ (sacred pattern) that reflects the potential of the pilgrim’s journey back ‘home’ to the light within. It is always best to examine the influences of planets specific to the way they are placed within the individual chart.
May the coming year bring you the remembrance of your inner light. May you find great peace, open to the flow of unconditional love, and take a determined step towards living your truth.
 ‘Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah



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