During the lunar month of “Kartika” as per the Hindu calendar (October-November), the Nakshatra (constellation) of “Krittika” comes in to focus. Krittika is that part of the zodiac where the sacred fire of ‘Agni’ burns as a powerful, transformative force. In Vedic philosophy, the element of fire represents both the ‘Agni’ within the physical body, and the perceptive power of the mental realms.

When the fire of personal will directed towards outer ‘manifestation’ is guided by an evolved higher perception, there is a unique blending of solar (outward) and lunar (receptive) energies, giving tremendous creative potential for activities that build personal value and also contribute to the welfare of the world.

Fire has the ability to rage and consume, and to nourish and create. Situations and circumstances often demand that we draw from both ends of the spectrum. Finding the right balance with this, is itself an individual sadhana (practice), and the ‘Shaktis’ – divine feminine principle – who hold higher wisdom, can guide this process.

Fire rituals and the lighting of oil lamps are representative of honouring the fire of Shakti that reverberates within all matter, and these practices are encouraged during the current lunar month.

At this time of year, the changing nature of seasons brings a receptivity to the rays of the Sun and Moon, their light being symbolic of that which illumines the path ahead.

The festival of Light – Deepavali (Diwali) – occurs during the lunar month of Kartika, and beautifully aligns with the larger meaning of the sacred fire. Lighting a diya (oil lamp) in the morning and evening is recommended as an offering during this month, and especially on the days of Diwali.

Diwali also celebrates the return of Sri Rama and Sita ji to their kingdom of Ayodhya, many thousands of years ago, in a different age of time (Treta Yuga).

With each lamp that we light, we join ourselves with an unimaginably ancient past. The warmth of love and inspiration of the Great Ones from that time shines through even today.

With love and peace,

Sai Ganesh Nagpal

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