The month ‘Shraavana’ gets its name from the lunar constellation Shraavana, which means ‘to listen‘. When the Full Moon shines among the stars of Shraavana, it brings special focus to growth and the need for the qualities of a ‘Listener’.

The stars of Shraavana rest within the zodiacal sign of Capricorn where the need to forge a strong identity through one’s accomplishments is experienced. With unbridled expansion or outward projection of personal energy often comes the need to obsessively control everything around oneself. The opinions of others also become especially important to a person, and there can be a sensitivity to what people around think or believe in. 

This is a time, more than ever, to listen for the inner voice of truth, even if it is distinct from the expectations of a collective group. To recognize, as well, that there will always be many divergent voices on the outside, many opinions to consider. Not all deserve my attention. Let the inner intelligence be cultivated to know the difference between these. The flowering of intelligence is one of the great gifts of the Shraavana stars. With Saturn and Rahu also influencing this sign at the moment, there is likely to be a conflagration of opinions. Remember that the ‘truth’ is often hidden in places that are unseen. The advice during this time is to expand one’s vision, to read, study and make decisions that are guided by the inner voice of truth and wisdom.


The lesson of this lunar mansion is to develop self-expression, and to ‘listen’ for what is often the unheard truth. The power of this sign is harnessed through the development of an independent thinking that comes from self-study, contemplation, and the wisdom of life experience.

Shraavana is also about cultivating the artisic ear. If you’re musically inclined, I encourage you to take some time to sing, or practice your art form.

This is a time to re-affirm your ”earthly’ goals, and offer your ambitions to the Divine Source – the Higher Intelligence that shines within.

 This particular full moon is also significant for the worship of Lord Shiva. In the Himalayas, the pilgrimage to Amarnath occurs at this time, where a Shiva Lingam made of ice is naturally formed, and the Darshan of Shiva in this form is considered to be most auspicious.

With love and peace,

Sai Ganesh Nagpal

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