Written Astro Report: PAYMENT LINK


A Written Astro Report answers one question of yours through a typed report that is personally authored by Sai Ganesh Nagpal, after a thorough study of your Astro Charts. Each report brings an eloquent and studied approach to the guidance that your Astrological Chart has for you, in response to your question. Your Astro Report will be e-mailed to you within a few hours

Please ensure you have submitted the following details:

  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Place of Birth
  • Your Time of Birth (accurate time)

In case you haven’t yet submitted these details, please e-mail them to us at info@TheSereneSwan.com.

Thank you!



The Written Astro Report gives you insight and guidance related to a question you have about an aspect of your life, or even a decision you need to make. Your question could be related to your personal life, career, relationship, family – any area that you would like guidance about, from the wisdom of Astrology.