Dear Soul,

In the night sky above the Eastern horizon, the planet Mars shines resplendent this month (September 2020), and is visible as a reddish star on a clear night. In Vedic Astrology,

Mars is often associated with Lord Hanuman – great devotee of Sri Rama. The warrior energy of Mars or ‘Mangal‘ is commonly experienced by us as the emotion of anger. The spontaneity of anger is reflective of the explosive quality of Martian environments. As Mars traverses its own sign in the Zodiac currently, the urge to express pent up anger and strong emotion may arise more frequently.

The example of Sri Hanuman is special in that it provides an alternative to the contemporary idea of a spiritual life being one that pretends to float about in a zen-like meditative state at all times, untouched by real emotion. The influence of the planet of action – Mars – is powerfully seen in Sri Hanuman’s stories, as Hanuman allows his righteous rage to be expressed when it must. He is able to transmute the often destructive Martian fire in to a transformative force through his supreme Bhakti and devotion to Sri Rama.

Hanuman is a storehouse of this magnificent power, and holds the wisdom to apply it in constructive ways. As ‘Gyaana Guna Saagar‘ – an ‘ocean of wisdom’, he is forever available to the receptive devotee. Jai Sri Hanuman!

With love and peace,

Sai Ganesh Nagpal

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