Dear Soul,

Over the past few months, we have been witnessing the transit of Jupiter – Great Teacher – between its own sign Sagittarius and its place of debilitation in Capricorn. A time like this may often be experienced as an oscillation between hoping for change – dreaming of an expansive reality aligned with our beliefs, and yet the constant reminder of practical realities that demand patience on the path.

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is closely related to Ganesha, the deity who assists with new beginnings and the overcoming of challenges in the manifestation of one’s soul purpose. As the leader of the Ganas, Ganesha represents the ability to work with groups In harmonious ways, as well as bring life’s energy to its purposeful manifestation. Ganesha is representative of a quest for order amidst the potential for chaos. The need to find continued meaning and purpose is strong in our lives – we are constantly re-aligning our life decisions with the ever-evolving nature of this purpose in different phases of life.

Ganesha is known to preside over the Mooladhara Chakra – the root energy centre. He awakens the Jupiterian qualities of optimism, hope, renewal and growth within our most basic motivations.

Mantra, Puja (worship), Yoga Asana practice and invocations are significant ways to attune with this process. The offering of personal time towards a dedicated practice (sadhana) brings the flowering of insight over time.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the time of year celebrating Ganesha’s earthly arrival, and is marked by great festivity in many parts of India and the world. It begins on the fourth day after the New Moon in the Vedic lunar month of Bhadra, occuring this year on August 22nd.

Ganesha holds the Modaka sweets in his hand – a plate full of them, symbolizing the distribution of joy and spontaneous happiness. The importance of finding happiness in the moment is emphasized for well-being.

From an astrological view, Jupiter guides the Deva qualities of higher learning, wisdom, growth, harmony and optimism. Jupiter’s current transit through Sagittarius until November 2020 brings varying experiences depending on where this transit occurs in your birth chart. Overall, matters related to well-being, healing, relationship and the development or transformation of belief systems through the acquisition of knowledge, are brought in to focus during this transit. Ganesha provides the grounding and foundation for structures of knowledge we want to create; as well as ways of applying our belief systems for the betterment of the world we live in.

May Ganesha bring you joy, strength and wisdom!
With love and peace,

Sai Ganesh Nagpal

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