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IMG_1714Sai Ganesh offers Kirtan and Bhajan performances for different occasions – family celebrations, festivals, weddings, birthdays or any other event that a family or group would like to commemorate with a ‘Bhajan Sandhya’ performance.

Sai sings traditional bhajans – written by Mirabai, Kabir, Tulsidas ji and other devotee legends, as well as more contemporary kirtans and ‘namavali’ bhajans that string together the divine names into melodious and rhythmic musical pieces.

11206952_948765215175997_1817014141635850984_nEach session is also enriched by Sai’s melodious renditions of Sanskrit chants and ‘shlokas’.

The aim of the performing artists is single fold – to bring the glory of Bhakti Ras into the hearts and minds of the audience, through melody, ‘taal’ and ‘bhaav’. What we often hear from audiences is that they were deeply moved by listening to the music.

Sai offers Bhajan/Kirtan programs for the following types of events:

To get in touch with Sai Ganesh about a performance, please write to, mentioning your contact details. Thank you!


Click below to play excerpts from some Bhajan recordings:

- Krishna Krishna Yadu VaraKrishna Krishna 1

- Sri Rama Stuti –  excerpt from a live recordingSri Rama Chandra

- Hey Dukha Bhanjanaexcerpt from a live recording: Hey Dukha Bhanjana 1

- A small selection from a Kirtan performance (recorded live). The bliss of Kirtan is in the experience of Krishna Bhakti that casts a spell upon the soul. Unconditional love for the divine! (click the video below to play):

“When you sing the name of Radha, Krishna, Rama, Sita, you understand why it is said – “Ram se ooncha hai Ram ka naam” ~ ‘greater than Shri Raam himself is the NAME of Raam’. The name of Radha, the name of Durga, the name of Shyam! When you are immersed in Kirtan, it is like getting intoxicated with the divine – and in those moments of song, nothing, absolutely nothing compares with the bliss! Next time you sing, sing with all your soul, sing as though there is nothing greater than the name and sound you have joined your awareness to. “Radhe Radhe Murali Gopal”, chant as though you are one with the song. This is the beauty, the bliss of Bhakti, of devotion! The more of us that have this experience, the more joy there will be in the world! Jai Shri Radhe!” ~ Sai Ganesh Nagpal

~ “Rama Ka Guna Gaana Kariye”, recorded during a live performance (click the video below to play):

Kabhi Kabhi Bhagavan Ko Bhi (recorded live at a Kirtan):