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About Us

About UsThe Serene Swan is a place where melody, rhythm and sacred verses come together in a confluence of harmony. We bring you music that inspires the soul – kirtans, bhajans, Vedic chants, mantras and meditations from India’s rich tradition of sacred music.

Our songs and sacred chants feature the soothing voices of artistes Sai Ganesh Nagpal and Saraswati Nagpal.

As you listen, let the vibrant rhythms of Kirtan make your spirits soar; feel ancient Sanskrit verses work their magic on you; allow the noises of the mundane to fall away as you surround yourself with an aura of serenity.

Go a step further, and nurture and develop your own unique voice! We offer you a comprehensive Music Education program with online and in-person vocal lessons, as well as the opportunity to participate in sacred music workshops at different locations.

Thank you for being here. We hope you take back with you a flavour of the magic that we have experienced while creating the music on offer here at The Serene Swan!


The Serene Swan Team       


About the Artistes

Sai Ganesh NagpalSai Ganesh Nagpal performs, teaches and records traditional Indian music, including kirtans, bhajans, mantras and sacred Sanskrit chants. Sai’s musical sessions offer participants a profound and serene opportunity for inner alignment through sacred sound. He leads groups from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in the practice of bhajan singing and naama smarana  – ‘musical remembrance of the divine name’.

Sai Ganesh has been instrumental in bringing the devotional charm of traditional Bhajan and Kirtan to households around the world through his traveling musical performances and recordings. Under the label of ‘The Serene Swan’, Sai promotes traditional music among young learners in India and overseas, bringing light to the Vedic foundations of Indian art forms. He has recorded guided meditation programs and self-development programs that are followed by listeners around the world. During his performances and through the medium of his recordings, he often shares eloquent English translations and interpretations of Sanskrit verses from a variety of ancient texts.


saraswati_1Saraswati Nagpal is an author and an educator to middle and high school students. She is also a dedicated yoga practitioner who teaches Sanskrit and Mantra workshops in the vibrant yoga community in Cape Town, South Africa. Besides using her voice to create heart-opening music with her brother, Saraswati is passionate about Indian classical dance and other dance forms.




“For me, music is like water, it splashes upon the shores of the soul, dissolving all that comes in its way in harmonious waves of compassion.
I sing because I am in love with life itself.”

~ Sai Ganesh