Personalized online (Skype) and in-person lessons in Indian Music – a program that nurtures the music lover in you!

About the Lessons:

Sai’s music lessons explore the Indian musical style with a difference.  The lessons offer students a foundation in the IndianDSC06037 (2) musical tradition, while enabling them to bring the richness of specific elements of this tradition into the songs that they learn and sing. Sai also encourages students’ appreciation of music as a sacred form, developing their skill in the art of devotional singing through bhajanskirtans, and sacred chants.

On offer are a range of programs to suit different interest areas. Some programs include a foundation in Indian Classical Music, others focus on light music, specifically devotional singing. Learn melodious bhajans or devotional songs on KrishnaSaraswatiRama, GaneshaShivaDevi and many other sacred forms from within the Vedic tradition. Many of these songs are melodious compositions with great depth of meaning and feeling too!

Of particular interest to many is the Sacred Sanskrit Chanting program in which students are introduced to sacred Sanskrit chants for peace and harmony. Learn the ancient art of melodic chanting that not only develops vocal skill but also brings the singer’s inner awareness to a place of great peace. Both for children and adults, this is a beautiful practice that brings refinement into the voice because of the gentle nature of the chant melodies. This is also an opportunity to be introduced to the ancient stories and life lessons associated with the deities and chants, in an enjoyable and interesting manner.

Each lesson includes time for singing practice, as well as musical theory.

Although voice work is our primary focus, we also spend some time on training the ear through music appreciation – examining musical pieces from different parts of India and the world. This is towards developing the musician’s understanding and familiarity with different types of musical sounds and styles.

All of the musical elements are taught along with contexts and meaningful translations. If you are interested in becoming a better singer, these are some great vocal programs that will assist you.

On offer also are Harmonium lessons! Learn the basics and intricacies of this beautiful instrument. You will need to have a working Harmonium in order to take this course.

IMG_0882 - Copy - CopySigning up:

To enroll, or for more details, please contact Sai at:

You need not have had prior formal musical training in order to attend these classes. What you do require, however, is a keen interest in, and commitment towards developing your musical talent.