We offer you a little peek into the making of ‘Vande Mataram – a Dance Tribute’, a short film directed by Swapna Maini, set to Sai Ganesh Nagpal’s rendition of Vande Mataram ~ a Sanskrit ode to Bhaarat (India) as an embodiment of the Mother Goddess. The film features features four Indian classical dances (Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi and Kuchipudi), all performed by young dancers under the age of sixteen. The various dance sequences were shot in the palaces of Rajasthan and the Khajuraho group of temples in Madhya Pradesh, India.

The film was chosen as an official selection for the Chicago South Asian Film Festival (CSAFF 2018), to be premiered on the opening night of CSAFF 2018 in Chicago.

Upon visiting India’s ancient Hindu temples from Khajuraho to Kashi to Hampi, our hearts knew instantly that these were places where Bharatiya Sanskriti once flourished from. These were places where Vedic music, dance and sculpture transformed even stone walls into portals of divine energy. How important, then, for young artists in today’s times to have the opportunity to re-live the ancient practices of ‘nritya’ and ‘sangeet’ upon the very hallowed platforms where these art forms were passed down through generations. Each time I sing ‘Vande Mataram’, I am reminded of how fortunate we are to be custodians of a heritage that always reaches for ‘Bhakti’ as the highest experience within the performance of art. To all of the artists involved, this is what a glimpse into the soul of Bhaarat (India) has looked like!” ~ Sai Ganesh Nagpal

Studio Swapna brings you a glimpse into the making of the film:

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